Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun shoes

I have been waiting for the right opportunity to wear these shoes.  A casual Friday seemed like that day.  Of course lunch with some colleagues, a faculty meeting, and after work drinks with colleagues gave lots of opportunities for comments.
The men in my department quite enjoyed mocking my shoes today.  But I take all the teasing in stride.  This outfit is 100% Goodwill (well exception being underwear).  The shoes, footless tights, tank top and dress are all from Goodwill.  The dress is from Old Navy originally and still had the original price tag.  I saw the dress in an Old Navy 2 weeks after I purchased the dress, so sort of confused how someone purchased the dress and then decided they didn't like it and would donate to Goodwill in a time frame so fast that the dress was still in the original store at full price.


Cynthia said...

I think if the men in your department mock your shoes that gives you free rein to mock theirs, and since I only know two male faculty members who have shoes that are even remotely cool, it shouldn't be hard.

Emily Kennedy said...

Super cute! I love this outfit on you! What a perfect way to style those shoes. The little bit of burgundy in your top keeps everything from looking too stark, and the shorter length dress worn with tights is really great.

Sherylyn said...

LOVE love love the shoes!!