Sunday, November 22, 2009

saturday night fun

Chose to wear this sweater dress last night for a girls night out of dinner and martinis. I'm still trying to decide if I can wear it to work, or if it is too short for that. But in the meantime, I am getting some weekend wear out of it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I feel like I look a little top heavy in this outfit. Not sure why....just looks like my hips and waist are the same size. Maybe not the best look, but hey it was Friday. Jeans are White House Black Market from Ebay over a year ago. The cardigan sweater was a Goodwill find....not sure the brand since the tag was cut out. I layered a turquoise tank and pink tee under the cardigan. both were probably some random clearance rack.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Feeling very professorial in today's ensemble. The skirt is Talbots, on clearance last winter. I have a matching jacket, but never seem to wear them together. The sweater is Jones of NY, obtained from Goodwill for under $4. I used a random scarf I had around the waist as a belt of sorts.

These boots are a new purchase.....I've been needing some taller brown boots to wear with skirts, and these were a steal at Marshalls for $19.99.
I got this necklace years ago from a friend and I have never worn it. but after reading so many fashion blogs lately, I am trying to branch out and accessorize more (never been a big accessory person). The box it came in was Coldwater I think that is where it is from, as that particular friend loves that store.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

yay Fall

It is a mucky, drizzly, overcast day here, and I LOVE it as it feels like Fall. Today I went a little more "fun" than professional, but I don't teach today. I have office hours and a few meetings with students, but somehow I put the dress requirements for that in a different category than when lecturing. Turtleneck sweater is from Forever 21 for $5 on clearance. the skirt was an ebay find. It's actually a kids size skirt, thus a little short even for 5'1" me, but somehow I have convinced myself that with tights the length is okay. The skirt is a plush, which is just fun. I used to have a tan and black corduroy zebra print pencil skirt, but that was 50 pounds ago. That skirt was one of the last of my "fat clothes" to get sent to consignment as I kept hoping to figure out a way to tailor it. Thus I was super excited to find this replacement skirt on ebay.....every girl needs a zebra print skirt, right?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

$10 dress

I LOVE the Talbot`s outlet in Charlotte. This dress originally retailed for $149, and I got it for $10! The print might be a little big for me, but how could I pass up a black and white wrap dress with pockets!!! The cardigan is Target clearance and probably about 10 years old. The shoes are Payless.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm still having trouble adjusting to the weather down here in NC. It's mid-November and I still waiting to be able to comfortably wear my long sleeved sweaters! Since the high will be near 75 today, I decided to stop pretending it is Fall, and just wear a pair of capris. I have a date tonight, so I might change clothes after work....will have to see. The capris were fall clearance at Macy's for under $4! The shoes are what I have referred to for years as my "geeky chic" shoes from Payless. The cardigan is from Talbot's, I bought it in August using a birthday giftcard. Even on clearance it was about $42....more than I would normally spend....but since I was using a birthday giftcard, I gave myself license to spend a little more since I loved it so much.

Friday, November 13, 2009

New to me

Today is all about "new to me" clothes. The cream, wrap top was a Goodwill find, as was the green and gold tweed jacket. The jeans I have had for over a year, but I got them from E-Bay (White House Black Market brand). The cream cami was a clearance rack find awhile ago.....all in all, I think this full outfit was under $20!

Cashmere makes even a Thursday better

I'm sporting a new cashmere sweater, courtesy of an excellent sale at Kohl's. I was originally going to wear my plain back pants, but at the last minute switched to my black cords. (Living on the edge, eh?) I rarely buy a sweater anymore unless it is cashmere or wool. I like being able to wear a thin but warm layer. The green and turquoise argyle, as well as the v-neck are a change from my normal style.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

gray dress for an overcast day

It is a rainy, rainy day here at the remnants of Tropical storm Ida make there way across NC. I struggled this morning to find anything that I wanted to wear. I have more than enough fabulous clothes, so not sure why it was such a struggle. I finally ended up with my black and gray sweater dress, gray tights, and my knee high black boots. I bought this dress last fall at H & M, when I weighed about 15 pounds it no longer fits as well as it used to. But I am in no hurry to get rid of it. A co-worker today said I looked like Peter pan today.....I so don't see that!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Feeling a little country on a Monday

Today's outfit was all about trying to squeeze some more use out of a summer skirt, since our high temps were going to be in the low 70s today. I got a lot of compliments on this outfit today. I also wore my hair au-natural (i.e. no blow drying or flat ironing) which is rare for me, and made everyone at work think I had done something "special" with my hair.

Catching up......

I've been so busy that while I have taken pictures, I haven't had time to upload them. So today will be the last week or so of outfits. I will start with last Thursday 10/29/09 (as Wednesday (10/28) I had a proposal due and thus barely managed to put clean clothes on).
This is a LOT of color for me.....but I was even brave enough to top it with a turquoise cardigan.

Friday (10/30) was pretty boring, so will skip that and move on to early November. Monday started slow and pretty normal for me, although at least it wasn't black!

Tuesday I was dressed up a little more, but back in my black comfort zone.

Wednesday, I broke out a little mid-week pink and my cat woman boots. the pinkish sweater is new to me....Goodwill for $ is Banana Republic and 100% Merino wool.

Thursday I wore a new sweater dress ($14.99 at TJ Maxx). I threw a tan corduroy jacket over it and was a happy camper. Plus the dress perfectly matches a pair of burgundy velvet mary janes I have had for probably 8-10 years, but have never worn much....I think they will get a lot of wear with this dress!

Friday, 10/6/09, was a very fall look. Yellow t-shirt, pumpkin sweater, brown tweed jacket, jeans, and burgundy boots.

This week i will try to be back on track with posting....thus will put today's outfit in it's own post!