Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm still having trouble adjusting to the weather down here in NC. It's mid-November and I still waiting to be able to comfortably wear my long sleeved sweaters! Since the high will be near 75 today, I decided to stop pretending it is Fall, and just wear a pair of capris. I have a date tonight, so I might change clothes after work....will have to see. The capris were fall clearance at Macy's for under $4! The shoes are what I have referred to for years as my "geeky chic" shoes from Payless. The cardigan is from Talbot's, I bought it in August using a birthday giftcard. Even on clearance it was about $42....more than I would normally spend....but since I was using a birthday giftcard, I gave myself license to spend a little more since I loved it so much.

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