Wednesday, November 18, 2009

yay Fall

It is a mucky, drizzly, overcast day here, and I LOVE it as it feels like Fall. Today I went a little more "fun" than professional, but I don't teach today. I have office hours and a few meetings with students, but somehow I put the dress requirements for that in a different category than when lecturing. Turtleneck sweater is from Forever 21 for $5 on clearance. the skirt was an ebay find. It's actually a kids size skirt, thus a little short even for 5'1" me, but somehow I have convinced myself that with tights the length is okay. The skirt is a plush, which is just fun. I used to have a tan and black corduroy zebra print pencil skirt, but that was 50 pounds ago. That skirt was one of the last of my "fat clothes" to get sent to consignment as I kept hoping to figure out a way to tailor it. Thus I was super excited to find this replacement skirt on ebay.....every girl needs a zebra print skirt, right?

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