Wednesday, October 13, 2010

can't do it anymore

I can't do summer any more.  Temperatures may be in the 80s, but I am so done with summer.  I tried to embrace it this morning, and originally put on the skirt below:

But it just felt wrong in October.  So I changed into the more seasonal neutral grey capris (Liz Claiborne via Goodwill), cream lace top (Banana Republic via Goodwill) and my cream cashmere cardigan  (from an actual Ann Taylor store during a holiday sale a few years ago).  I don't need the sweater outside, but I do need it in my office.


Emily Kennedy said...

I went with gray this morning too. Weather might be acting crazy, but mid-October is mid-October.

Cynthia said...

I'm wearing red and brown. But with bare legs, because it's pretty warm. Actually one of the big shortcomings of my wardrobe is that I'm very light on the spring and summer-appropriate colors, so I'm kind of relieved.

Lorena said...

I understand even though to me it makes no sense.
Here it's always summer or just plain rainy - so colors are not season related.
I think that if the outside is gloomy you can always take the color with you :)
I think that is such a pretty skirt :)

Miss. Studios said...

Oh I love this skirt. It is so my style. I will simply pair it with dark simple sweater and some tights? By reading your post, I just realized why I have been wearing so much grey/black so much lately. I think I was gradually adjusting to the weather.