Sunday, October 10, 2010

Date night

I had a date last night.  I wasn't quite sure what the plan was.  There was indication it would probably be dinner and a movie, but I wasn't sure where we were going for dinner.
I wore purple ballet flats with this outfit.  I am normally a heel girl, but this guy is a little on the short side, and since this was only our second date  I decided it wasn't yet time to break out the heels.

This top is one of my go-to date items.  I usually wear it with jeans, but since we are still in the 80s here, I wore some grey capris.  I got a compliment from my date on my outfit, so it was definitely the right choice.

1 comment:

Emily Kennedy said...

That is a really excellent date night top. Beautiful color, details, and it makes your top half look all luscious, but not in a particularly salacious way. If you get my drift. :)