Wednesday, November 3, 2010

reality vs. mirror

I feel fabulous in these black pants in the mirror.

But in the picture, I feel like they are ill fitted and give me a non-flattering shape.  Oh well, they are the only basic black pants I have that I can wear with heels, and the feel great.  The sweater is Ann Taylor via Goodwill.  I have put it on several times only to take it off because it didn't seem to work, but today I thought it worked effortlessly with the white button down.  I don't teach today, but I have a meeting with the dean, so didn't want to look too casual.  You can't see it, but I am wearing these fun shoes with this outfit.

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Sherylyn said...

If they feel great and look great in the mirror, that's most important! Also I think they look great, when your pic came up in my little "new items" window, it's small so I can only really see colours and overall shape, and I thought it looked awesome. It's interesting because the small view is great for assessing whether the silhouette of an outfit is flattering or not, I should use that for myself!