Sunday, November 7, 2010

IF I was doing 30 for 30

So the fashion blogging world is currently all about of people taking on Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge.  (Read about the challenge here.)  I decided not to do the challenge for a couple reasons:
  1. It  finally turned cold enough here for me to start wearing some of my Fall and Winter clothing.  I love fall and winter clothing more than summer clothing, and thus I want as many opportunities as possible to wear the sweaters and corduroy skirts in my closet.
  2. This summer I spent the month of July living out of a suitcase (was only home for 3 nights), so I feel that was my own little 30 for 30 challenge.  Especially because I had to have clothing for everything from climbing snow covered mountains in Calgary, to attending a wedding, to attending a professional meeting, to a weekend at my parents' summer cottage. 
  3. While I applaud the participants' commitments to not shop for 30 days, several of the posts I have read thus far discuss buying things specifically for the challenge.  I don't mean any offense my this, but it sort of seems like someone committing to not buy any more junk food for two weeks, so before that two weeks starts they stock up on potato chips and ice cream to get them through that two weeks.
  4. I am single, and if I actually manage to have a date or  two during the next 30 days, I want my full closet at my disposal.
But despite my decision to not participate, I couldn't help thinking....what would I chose?  and why?  So I am going to show the pieces I would chose IF I was going to participate.   I could make some promise that I will post each day what the combos would have been.......but if I was going to go to all that work, I might as well actually do the challenge and go the extra step to wear the outfits, right?  So this single post is the extent of my 30 for 30.  The main things that factored into my choices:
  • Mixture of solids and prints.
  • Not going for the obvious....both trousers I chose have a pattern, because using plain black pants seemed too easy.
  • Not limiting myself to one neutral family......would be easy to pick things that all go with black, or all go with brown.
  • Mixture of textures.
  • Varying necklines and shapes to garments.
So without further adieu, here is what I would have picked IF I was doing 30 for 30:

Basics: White button down shirt, black sheath dress, black knee high boots, jeans, gray cardigan, black cami, and white cami. (i.e things in every woman's closet)

Shirts: black and white polka dot, red wrap, black lace, black and white striped, blue and white striped oxford, beige cowl neck, Badgers t-shirt, mustard t-shirt:

Where is the color you ask?  Check out these colorful sweaters: lime green cardigan, red floral cardigan, purple cashmere turtleneck, orange crewneck, and royal blue with open neck.

Need more print?  How about these two dresses:

A few more odds and ends....chunky beige sweater,  olive green corduroy a-line skirt, brown plaid pants (that I would need to iron the cuffs of), and black and gray striped pants:

And to top it all off....or rather bottom it off, 3 pairs of shoes/boots to join the black knee-high boots as my footwear:

Well that's it...........actually it is only 29 pieces, but since I am not really doing the challenge, I don't have to play by the rules!

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Emily Kennedy said...

Nice! I like how you sorted it. In my case, I'm not doing the 30 for 30 because at almost 8 months pregnant, here are my totals of what I own that fit:
4 pairs of pants
2 dresses
1 skirt
8 tops
3 pairs of shoes.

If only I had the pleasure of 30 items that fit this gigantic bump!