Monday, November 22, 2010

dressing for summer....I mean fall.

Temperatures in the 70s here again today.  I spent 4 years in Canada, where our summer highs were in the 70s!  I am still challenged down here to wear light weight clothing, but that has fall colors.  Because my summer color palette  seems wrong in November.

These boots feel like I am wearing slippers all day.  The madras skirt is J Crew via Goodwill.  The sweater is Talbot's, and the t-shirt underneath is also via Goodwill.  This outfit works well for this time of year as it is light weight but fall colors.


Cynthia said...

This climate is confusing for my Wisconsin dressing habits, as well. We need to get together and observe the better-dressed natives and see what they are wearing. I'm not sure where we'd find them, though.

Have a good T-day! Rumor has it that by the time I get back it will be cold.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

That skirt is fantastic! I grew up in Texas, but have spent the past decade in the Midwest. I would prefer a milder winter, but academics have to go where the funding and the job offers are....