Thursday, November 4, 2010

cashmere is a girl's best friend...........

On a cold rainy day where I am sick (achy all over, sore throat, slight fever) cashmere is the only clothing item besides pajamas and yoga pants that can make me feel better.  So a cashmere sweater and jeans it was.

I really wanted to cancel my class this morning, as I was not up to lecturing.  Instead, I gave them a group assignment that they could do in class, or do before the next class.  Considering 2/3 of them had an exam later in the day, most were quite happy I wasn't lecturing.  And then I gave an exam in my afternoon class.  I wonder what my students thought, as they never see me this casual....not to mention no make-up and unwashed hair in a ponytail.  But getting to campus was effort enough feeling the way I do.  Plus they were too concerned about their test to worry about what I was wearing.

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Cynthia said...

I find that the little beasts can actually be quite sympathetic if I tell them I'm sick. But, that's graduate students.