Sunday, June 13, 2010

new camera

I have a new camera, and it has a delay.  This will allow me to take some out door pictures.  I have not yet ventured beyond my balcony, but here are a few picture from the balcony.

The dress was found at Goodwill ($4.99).  The sweater is a staple and is Target via Goodwill (brand new with tags for $3.79).  The sandals are from Target and are kids sized.  Oh so cute with the turtles.

I got the capris when I lived in Canada.  The top is a new to me Ebay purchase for $3.99.  It is very light and breezey for hot summer days.


Emily Kennedy said...

My word woman! So pretty! The lighting is gorgeous. And I love your blog design. It's tons of fun!

I am forever inspired by your way of finding good stuff at thrift stores. Truly amazing.

Lorena said...

Hurray for improvement !
I like the new look you have given your blog and your pictures!
(yay for new camera)
You totally pulled a gorgeous set out of thrift - true magic.

Sherylyn said...

Wowee, love the new design! And your balcony shots look so professional, minus the head of course lol...lovely lighting and sun-washed wood, you look like a J Crew catalogue! I LOVE this dress on you.