Friday, May 28, 2010

summer wardrobe

As an academic, I can wear pretty much what ever I want year round, but this is really true in the summer.  However, I still like to rick skirts and pretty things if I am in the office.  I save the shorts and novelty tees for field work and weekends.

This is todays pick....Talbot's cardigan (bought with a b-day giftcard last year), Old navy skirt (clearance last summer) and an Ann Taylor tee (found at Goodwill).

The last week of classes I had a lunch meeting with some engineering people on campus, and this is what I wore:
The skirt was gap via Salvation army for $1.99.  You can't tell in this picture but it is a black with white stripes on the diagonal.  the blue wrap top is Express and was found at Goodwill. 


Sherylyn said...

I am behind on checking out your outfits, what a lovely collection you have accumulated. And such good deals too! I love the dress you wore to Wicked. And I can't see the blue srap top ver ywell, but it gives you a gorgeous silouhette!

briannelee said...

Nice! Can't beat a $2 skirt :)