Wednesday, May 19, 2010

feeling Wicked

I am off to see Wicked tonight!  I am oh so excited!  I have been in an all week diversity institute here on campus, so I needed to wear something appropriate for work and a night of theater.
I decided that since campus buildings are always freezing I could wear a strapless sundress, and just keep the cardigan on all day.  Then for the theater tonight I will just switch the cardigan with a black shrug.  I got this dress in Spring 2009 at Fair Weather for about $30.  The cardigan was Target this past fall.  The sandals are Walmart from years ago.

The semester is over, and final grades are in!  I probbaly won't post too much over the summer, as the main reason I started this blog was just to make sure I wasn't becoming the professor who wears the same thing all the time.  But my outfit yesterday was pretty cute, so I will post below.

The top was a Talbots find at Goodwill.  The skirt is my trusty black pencil skirt that I got on clearnace at Smart Set in 2008.  the sandals are the same as today, only in lime green rather than pink.  Yes, I love them so much I have them in two colors!

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