Friday, May 28, 2010

Diversity wrap-up

These outfits were fromm last week while I was attending a Diversity Institute on campus.

The skirt is Ann taylor Loft on clearance last Fall for under $5.  The top and cardigan are Goodwill, and thus $3.79 each.

The  top  has the cutest floral detailing.  Too bad it doesn't show under the cardigan.

The following outfiot I could not decide which sweater to wear.

The capris were macy's clearance last fall for under $4.  The top is Ann Taylor via Goodwill.  Both cardigans are also Goodwill, the green one is 100% cashmere.  Which cardigan do you think I ended up wearing?

1 comment:

Emily Kennedy said...

I'm guessing the green one! I love this color palette.