Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toile Love

When I go out to Goodwill there are different types of purchases I make.  There is that mental list of things I am always looking for.....i.e. still trying to find the perfect white long sleeved button down shirt.  Then there are the things that I randomly come across and I can see being easily integrated into my wardrobe.  And there are the deals and steals I am always keeping an eye out for......cashmere sweaters in good condition are always good even though I probably don't need any more.  But every once and while there is that moment that I come across something so very me that I wonder how I have lived thus far without that piece in my wardrobe.  These are the items that make me nervous taking them into the dressing room, because now that I know the item exists, if it doesn't fit I feel I will forever search to find it in my size.  This week that item was a slight a-line, toile skirt from Gap.  Thank goodness it was my size and fit perfectly, as I am completely smitten with this skirt.  The skirt is the perfect length.  White and black toile is such a classic print!  One of the best $3.79 I have ever spent!


Lorena said...

What a gorgeous skirt !
I love that print, it reminds me of a French one they use a lot for decorating- can't remember the name -
I think it looks fabulous and at an unbeatable price.

Jen said...

Love the black, white, red combo!! The belt is the touch that adds so much to this outfit! Love it.