Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love nude tights!

I wasn't intending on a jacket today, but then I remembered how cold my afternoon classroom can be and made a last minute grab for the jacket. But I think it works. Both the jacket and the skirt are corduroy.....makes me feel very 70s for some reason. I am wearing nude colored tights which I just love....the look of pantyhose with the warmth of tights! This particular pair I have probably had for about 10 years.....they are some well made tights! The jacket was a JC Penny after Cristmas clearance purchase last winter...I think it was about $15.
The skirt is a Ann Taylor via Goodwill ($3.79). The sweater was a right before new year of my last new items before my self imposed year of only "new to me". The belt was also Goodwill ($0.99) but is originally NY & Co. The necklace was a gift and came from Coldwater Creek. Boots were purchased this past fall at Marshalls. These are the boots that one of my students referred to as "hooker boots", so I chuckle every time I wear them now.

Just a close-up of the skirt pattern.

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Sherylyn said...

I LOVE this outfit! Cord jackets are second only to velvet jackets, in my book. I have a purple one I got from H&M that is only slightly too small, I am waiting impatiently to be able to wear it. And the skirt....ooooh it's fabulous!!