Tuesday, January 26, 2010

early morning meeting

I had an 8am meeting on campus today. And since I never commute during normal commuter hours, I left the homestead a at 6:50am just to be sure and have enough time. Thus the pictures area little dark, as it was still dark outside. The early morning also dictated something easy, so a one piece wrap dress it was. The dress came from the Talbot's outlet this fall, and it was my first time wearing it. Originally $148, and I paid $9.99!

The cream cashmere sweater also made the early morning somehow seem better. Everything is better with cashmere, right?
I adore these shoes. They seem to be both ugly and cute at the same time. Pretty comfy too!


Lorena said...

I think your shoes have nothing ugly about them, they are a great piece to turn any outfit interesting.... :)

Emily Kennedy said...

A wrap dress on sale. Such utterly magical words when. This is really cute, and I love the shoes! They are way fun!