Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cozy comfy.....so who needs style?

Today was all about being comfy and cozy in case we were without heat again at work. Still no students, so it is casual and comfy all the way for me. Sporting my long cashmere sweater again. this time I tried a bronzey scarf as the belt rather than the monochromatic one it comes with. The belt hits me at a weird spot, so i know this is not the most flattering look on me. But it feel like pure luxury.......so who cares how it looks? I did layer it with a cream long sleeved shirt because the arms are rather wide by the wrist, so I was worried about them letting in too much cold air. I am also sporting slightly above the ankle boots and knee high socks. I was very happy with how by coincidence the scarf I picked as a belt matches my nail polish, so of course I had to take a picture of my hands too.

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Lorena said...

Oh i love taking picture of my nails too, for some reason when they are manicured i feel like i am wearing diamonds!
Lovely boots :)