Monday, January 11, 2010

First day of the Spring semester

I don't actually teach today, but decided I need to get back in the habit of dressing up for bye bye jeans till the weekend. These pants don't get nearly enough wear, so i am glad I thought of them today. I grabbed the jacket because my office is always freezing, so wouldn't you know it that today it feels fine and the jacket just felt restrictive, so it is on the back of my chair. The bracelet was a last minute add. It was in my stocking this past Christmas. Santa (aka my aunt) picked it up on a recent trip to is from Ghana. Tomorrow is the first day of class, and I have absolutely NO IDEA what to wear. I think my dilemma is that the first few classes I try to really up the "authority figure" look, which to me means a suit or blazer.....but nothing in that section of my closet is jumping out at me. Plus I also need to look approachable. Hmmm. Today's outfit was: pants from Cleo (bought last spring, I think about $20 canadian), cream cowl neck top (Kohl's for $5.60), sweater vest (Reitman's, can't remember price), blazer was Goodwill ($4.99).


Christina Lee said...

Looking good professor :D I ahve definitely fallen into a rut since working from home!

Emily Kennedy said...

This outfit is really great on you. The pants are fit really well, and the sweater vest is adorable! A sweater vest is just the right amount of nerd style, in my opinion.