Monday, February 28, 2011

stupid heels

This is the second outfit of the day. 
Shoes and Skirt: Goodwill.  Cardigan and shell: Tabots.

I started out the day in the same navy shell, with a lavender swing cardigan and a new skirt (part of my holiday giftcard haul from the Talbots outlet).  I was hunched down over the load of unfolded laundry from this weekend looking for a slip to go under the skirt, found the slip, stood up and heard the worst sound ever!  The back of my skirt had slipped under my heels and when I stood it ripped my brand new skirt!
So sad!  Never even got to wear it!  Granted I only paid $8 for it.  It was below my knee, so I might take it to my tailor and see if it can be hemmed above the tear.  So very very tragic.  Today will be near 80 degrees, and I was so looking forward to debuting this breezey skirt.  Stupid heels.


Cynthia said...

Mondays. Can't live with 'em, can't just stay home and skip work. Sorry about your skirt.

Do you have a tailor that you like around here? I have some pants that need hemming and shoulderpads that need removing.

Lorena said...

Oh crap...
Actually I had something rip - very similarly and what I did was get a patch and iron it from the inside....
it worked. I still wear the dress.