Friday, December 10, 2010

pasta and productivity

I need to be super productive at work today.  Sometimes when I need to get a lot done I dress up in order to feel more "on the ball"?  As if an outside illusion of being put together will magically make me behave more put together.  And yes, that is the same cashmere sweater I wore on Wednesday.
The skirt is from Talbots via Ebay.  I love a classic toille print!  The belt is from a different cashmere sweater.  There is an Ann Taylor shear blouse underneath the sweater.  The boots are new from Target.  Tonight I am carb loading on pasta with friends since tomorrow I am running a half marathon.  This will be my 4th one and the one I have trained the least for so I hope it isn't too painful.

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Lorena said...

I am totally for that belt...