Tuesday, September 21, 2010

LBD gets new life

One of the things that I love about thrifting is feeling like clothing gets a new life.  This past weekend I found a little black dress that seemed to be made for me.  Who knows why this poor little dress was abandoned at Goodwill, but I suspect it was due to a clearly missing belt.  I need to tack down the belt loops in case I ever want to wear this dress without a belt, as they stick out quite a bit.  And there was a little thread loop sort of thing in the front that I suspect was also related to the missing belt, but I snipped that loop off.  The dress was $5. It feel like pajamas. AND it has pockets.   :)

I added a belt from my wardrobe (also acquired via Goodwill), and a cream cami with some lace detail.  The neck line would probably be okay with out the cami, but on days I teach I like to make sure that there isn't an accidental show.  Especially since I tend to look at things straight on and think I am covered, forgetting that at 5'1" most of my students are taller than me.....so good to make sure they don't see anything if they look down at me.
The cardigan I added is also a new Goodwill find.  This past weekend I went on a Goodwill/Salvation Army shopping extravaganza with my friend C and her teenage daughter, K.  This dress and sweater were just some of the loot I scored.

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