Saturday, May 12, 2012

under the Harry Potter robe

Today was Commencement.  We are required to go to at least one graduation ceremony a year, but I try to go to both the winter and spring commencement because:
  1. We have a close knit group of students and only 3 full time faculty, so it means a lot to them for us to come and support them.  Plus their parents love getting group shots of us with the students.
  2. We typically have students graduating at both terms, and it seems wrong to only show up for some of their graduations.
  3. I paid $800+ for my academic regalia, so any chance I get to wear it decreases the cost per wear.
These gowns are HOT, so underneath I wore a light summer dress.
 This dress looks like a pencil skirt and blouse, but it is in fact one single piece making it easy-peasy.
I love this dress and got it on serious clearance, but it is dry clean only and the skirt part is very prone to wrinkles.


Lisa said...

Whoa, those things are pricey! Sexy shoes...and the color of that cardi is so pretty. I definitely need one of those.

Lorena said...

Talk about expensive... how any times HAVE you worn it ?
I really like that dress.