Tuesday, May 1, 2012

replacement shoes

Oh how white my legs are.  Wearing white is supposed to make people look more tan.....it just highlights how pale I am.  These shoes are replacement shoes.  I have a very similar pair that I recently wore into the ground (we are talking wore holes into the soles).  These look very similar to the pair that died, and thus I know they will integrate into my closet quite well.
Tee (Talbot's Outlet), Skirt (White House Black Market via Ebay), shoes (Ann Klein via Marshall's clearance rack).

Here is a quick comparison of old and new shoes....(old on left, new on right).  Old shoes will go out in the trash tonight.


Lorena said...

I am coveting that gorgeous skirt :)
Had to be BMWH !

Lisa said...

Very cute shoes. could you have the others re-soled or is it just time for them to go? I have a pair of navy pumps I thrifted and they're perfect, except...the first time I wore them (to work)I kept finding these pieces of what looked like chocolate on the carpeting and I couldn't figure our what in the world it was or where it was coming from. I later realized the darn soles of my shoes were crumbling and falling off piece by piece. By the time I got home there was almost nothing left. haha I really like them and need navy pumps, but haven't yet looked into how much it costs to have new soles put on.
Well, anyway...your new shoes are darling. And your legs don't look that white. At least your in shadow and that helps. I'm debating on whether to try the self tanner again or just be white.

Dr. Da said...

There is no hope of saving these shoes....I was literally walking on only the cardboard insole.