Thursday, March 24, 2011

serious pattern mixing

I am typically not very adventuresome with pattern mixing.  But I happened to have this cardigan and dress both lying out on my bed last week, and knew they were meant for each other.  I got this dress in Fall 2009 at the Talbots outlet, and loved the 70s vibe to it.  But i struggled with what cardigan to wear with it so it didn't look too harsh or too 70s costume like.  I picked up this merino wool cardigan at the Talbot's outlet last week.  I think they work well together, and somehow don't seem like pattern overload. 
The sweater was $12.50, and I think the dress was between $10-20.  Gotta love the Talbot's outlet.  I had been admiring the cardigan for a while, but felt like it wasn't my color palette.  But it actually does some wicked cool things to my eyes.  This dress had been designated a fall/winter dress, but with this cardigan it now has a new spring life. 

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