Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 week recap

I am catching up on life.  Not this past week, but the week before, I was in Colorado with 6 undergraduate students living in a cloud physics lab on top of a mountain.  It was spring break, and we were there for them to conduct individual research projects as part of a course I am teaching.  A week with 6 men, and no showers (except for a mid-week trip to a hot springs) was not conducive to fashion blogging.  The lab was literally on top of a mountain, and could only be reached by snowmobile or ski chair lift.  Here is a view from the lab.
Here is the lab itself:
And here is a picture of me in the bottom of the giant snow pit my students dug for some of their research projects.

Last week was crazy busy after being away for a week.  I did manage to snap 4 outfit pictures.  I just didn't have time to post them.

Note that the first one is the skirt that I ripped and had my tailor try and fix with a shortening.  A little short, but wearable.


Cynthia said...

Your research trips are totally more awesome than mine.

Carol said...

Wow, how fantastic that your students get to do this! Your outfits (the last four, not the one you wearing in the bottom of the snow pit - though I love the red!) are super cute. Makes me think I need to pull out some skirt/cardi combos soon.

Dr. Da said...

I am pretty much a skirt-and-cardigan-aholic!

Lorena said...

I guess my comment came in too late !
However I think that the length is appropriate for work .