Monday, January 3, 2011

Mixing neutrals

Recently Elaine (of Clothed Much) has been talking about breaking our own fashion rules.  So today's outfit is in that spirit.
What fashion rules does this outfit break for me?  Well, I am mixing my neutrals....brown boots with a gray cardigan and black tank top!  Normally I would have grabbed black or gray boots.  Also, I tend to wear skinny jeans with a long tunic, sweater, or cardigan.  Wearing a body hugging cardigan and skinny jeans shows the whole body, so makes me a little self-conscious, but I plan to be brave!


St Germain said...

I know what you mean about wearing long sweaters with the skinnies...I do the same thing (I just feel too self-conscious with my bootie showing). HOWEVER: You look fantastic in this outfit! You do NOT need a long sweater over your skinnies. At. All. Go for it! I will, too. I just got a new pair of AE skinnies and will try them tomorrow sans long cardi.

Ramsey said...

I always wear black, gray, and five shades of brown in an outfit. If I like it, I go with it...this totally works. Rock on girlie!

Pearl Westwood said...

Rules (in fashion) are always there for breaking!!

Heather - Inner cupcake said...

Good for you for being brave! I think you're breaking both rules wonderfully!

Lorena said...

You broke the rules, the best way possible.
This outfit is very, very flattering on you :)
Well done Dr. !