Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Day of classes!

First day of the semester.  My class sizes are much smaller this semester. I have 13 in one class and 6 in the other.  Much better than the 27 and 17 I had last semester.  The class with only 6 students I have had 5 of the 6 students before, and the 6th student I have talked to, so it will be a fun intimate class.  My class of 13 is mostly new to me students, they are sort of quiet and scared of me right now.  This is what I wore for my first impression with these new students.
The skirt looks shorter in this picture than it actually rides up when I sit.  I forgot to pull it down before the picture and did not have time to retake.  My car is in the shop so a colleague was picking me up for a carpool.  The skirt is Ann Taylor via Ebay.  The sweater is The Limited via Goodwill.  the blouse is Talbots via Ebay (another one of those purchases that replaced a loved item that I had parted with when I lost weight, and then re-found on Ebay in my smaller size). 

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Lorena said...

Certainly you made a favorable impression with this outfit. I really like the skirt-