Monday, April 5, 2010

what happened to Spring?

I don't know what happened to Spring, but we seem to be in full blown summer now.  High in the upper 80s today.  Today I really struggled in what to wear, as I just wasn't feeling anything.  I must have tried on about 10 outfits before settling on just a simple black cotton skirt and a t-shirt.  But I added a flower pin to the tee, which made it seem not so boring.  The skirt was Old navy clearance last summer for $7.  The tee was Target clearance for $4, also from last summer.

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Emily Kennedy said...

The switch from cold to warm weather is so trying for me! I have been doing the same thing, trying on far too many outfits before I can finally choose one. This looks adorable on you. Cool idea to add the flower pin!

Although, maybe now that it's spring you could do a couple outdoor pics with the timer on your camera (if it has one) so the colors would show better.