Sunday, April 4, 2010


Ever have those days where you feel fabulous, and then look at the picture and have second thoughts?  This dress is super comfy, and I think looks flattering in the mirror.....but the picture tells a different story.  In the picture, I think I look bigger than I am.  Hmmm, that is some food for thought.  But considering the dress is so comfortable on a hot summer day, and I feel great in it....who cares what one picture says?


Emily Kennedy said...

Somehow in the picture your boobs look lower on your body than they normally look, and your waist looks higher! That's not going to be flattering for the majority of folks. But it's true what you say about finding a dress that's comfortable on a hot day.

Lorena said...

Shorten it a little or just belt it.... that should make a difference.
I think it's a good keep, the print is lovely-