Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Change of Shoes

After I took the pictures, I decided against my cute new sandals (purchased for $25 with a giftcard last month).  For some reason I feel strange in front of the classroom with my toes showing......I was raised that open-toes shoes are unprofessional.....and I can't seem to get past that.  The skirt is from White House Black Market via Ebay for $10.  It is a great year round skirt....and who doesn't love a little animal print in a pencil skirt?  The t-shirt is Ann Taylor via Goodwill (so $3.79).  I take my pictures with my cell phone, and do not own a camera with a timer.....so outdoor pictures are not an option right now.  But I appreciate the suggestion.....hmm, maybe something for when I hit double digits in terms of "followers", lol.


Lorena said...

Hey Dr Da I see you have been pulling some really nice sets these past couple of days... I guess spring is getting to you :)
Like you, I feel uncomfortable showing my toes "professionally" - maybe, just maybe peep toes and even then I have some second thoughts.
So, I would have done just like you, gone back for other shoes.
I agree that is a really nice skirt to have all year round.. and check your cel phone maybe the camera there has a timer. I take my pics with my cel.

Emily Kennedy said...

Aw bummer! I love the new sandals, but I get what you're saying.

If you do go camera shopping, since I know you like a good bargain, I got mine (a super nice Canon Powershot SD790) refurbished off of Amazon, at about half the price of a new one.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I've never had an issue with open-toed shoes in the classroom, but I guess I can see why others might.

I love the print on that skirt!