Thursday, March 4, 2010

New LBD!

I finally found just the little black dress I have been wanting. I have 2 other LBDs, but they are too dressy to ever make work appropriate. I have been wanting for months one that I could wear year round with sweaters over or shirts under in winter, but that still would look like a cute sheath in summer, and would look good with short sleeved shirts under in spring.

The other day I decided to stop by the Talbot's Outlet store. With my New year's resolution of only new to me, I have been good and have been avoiding that place. But giftcards are the exception to "new to me", and since I got a $50 Talbot's giftcard at X-mas, I decided it was time to check out the Talbot's Outlet. Lot's of new stuff as all of the stores are starting to ship in what didn't sell in the red hanger sales from right after the holidays. Knowing that I have just a $50 giftcard to spend there in the whole year, I knew I would only be buying a "I can't live without it item"....okay, probably can live with out it, but you know what I mean. I was very excited to find this sheath in my size (even is a petite)! It fits great, and was exactly what I was looking for. It was originally $158......I paid $18.75 plus tax! I still have about $30 on my giftcard....woo hoo! It even has pockets (yes, my hand is in the pocket in the picture to illustrate)! As a professor that is always carrying around keys to my office, the supply closet, the copy room, etc, pockets are an important feature.

There are so many possibilities with this dress! But I decided to start with this shirt I picked up at Ross for $6.99 way back in September, but still hadn't worn. I love the print, but without something over the shirt, it seems like too much print for my small frame. I adore it under this dress. I am usually pretty good about returning items if i haven't worn them within a month of purchase, but this one I had lost the receipt for, and it wasn't worth trying to return without one, even though the tags were still on. Now I am so glad I still had it!


Sak said...

Nice print and lovely color combo..curious to know what you will purchase with the rest of the amount.....

Sherylyn said...

Wow, what an awesome deal! And the shirt looks perfect under it, lovely combo. Your students must think you are a total fashion plate! :)