Thursday, March 18, 2010

First wear

This dress was one of my last purchases in December before my only "new to me" new year's resolution for 2010.  I worry that the dress is a tad too short, especially when belted (hence teh lack of belt).   Actually, just too short for the work environment.  So I wore it with black leggings to convince myslef it was "work ok".  Also my boots lack a heel, as that makes the dress seem longer.  The black cardigan sweater is Ann Taylor, that I picked up at where else?  Goodwill.


Emily Kennedy said...

Hmm. I really don't think it's too short, but clearly, your comfort is the most crucial deciding factor.

Sherylyn said...

Doesn't look even remotely short to me either, must be the miracle of black tights ;). You can get away with a lot in black tights!