Tuesday, March 30, 2010

date night.

I teach today, but I also have a date after work.  Hard to figure out what was work appropriate yet also date appropriate.  The leopard heels make me happy in a dating world.....okay, who am I kidding, they make me happy regardless.  I got the shoes a few years ago on clearance for about $7.50.  The skirt is a Talbot's sale a year or so ago, but I don't remember the price.  The sage green cami is old.  The white button shirt is Ann Taylor via Goodwill ($3.79), and the sweater is also Goodwill ($3.79).


Emily Kennedy said...

Well, fun! Leopard heels totally rock for dating!I quite like the mix of teal and sage, broken up with the white shirt.

Lorena said...

This was a perfect pick !
Really like how you kept it professional with the cardi and then added the date feel through the shoes and showing a little silhouette via the belt....
Hope that date went well ... :)

Sheila said...

This is so pretty! The leopard was a good call - especially for a date!

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. :)