Wednesday, April 18, 2012

awkward parts of the job

I find one of the most awkward parts of my job to be meeting students' parents.  Tonight one of my undergrads asked me to be his "faculty guest" for an awards banquet he is being honored at.  I agreed, and then he told me his parents will be there too.  I have done one of these before and the students are usually quiet because their worlds are colliding (i.e. family and school meet).  And I always feel like the parents are waiting for me to praise their students.  Awkward is the word.
This black sheath dress and beaded cardigan are both second hand, but I think they fit the day of teaching and awards banquet attending.   The up side.....having this awards banquet to attend tonight got me out of participating in the student fundraiser today called "Pie Your Professor" where they are selling raffle tickets for the chance to throw a pie in a professors face.

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