Monday, November 21, 2011

take two

I was feeling all proud of my very academic outfit this morning highlighting corduroy and argyle.....and then my doggie decided she needed some loving just as I was taking a sip of a full cup of coffee.  Coffee stains resulted, and I had to make an outfit change.  I have worn this skirt before, but never posted it on the blog.  The skirt is from Anthropologie via Ebay.  I kept seeing this skirt on Ebay and would then talk myself out of bidding on it.  But then every time someone else won the bid on it, I would feel regret.  So finally after months of patience, when one popped up on Ebay in my size I bid and won.
This cardigan from the Talbot's outlet does wicked cool things to my eye color, so gotta love that.

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Wendy, R.N. said...

I am loving that skirt!!!

W. :)