Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the love of consignment

I not only love thrift stores but also consignment stores.  When I lived in Calgary I had one two blocks away from me that I visited regularly.  In Charlotte I haven't been making it to consignment stores very often, as they seem so expensive compared to Goodwill.  But I do enjoy the occasional consignment sales (empty stores will be turned into a consignment superstore for a weekend).  Usually the last day of those consignment sales are 50% off.  Picked up these shoes recently at one of those sales on the last day for $2.  Yup, $2....take that Goodwill.
I also love to visit thrift and consignment stores when in different cities.  I picked up this skirt at a consignment store over the summer when in Boulder, CO.  I don't remember what I paid for it.

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