Tuesday, April 19, 2011

polka dots and butterflies

Nothing like a little pattern mixing on a random Tuesday near the end of the semester.  I have been using build a tan moisturizer on my legs....can you tell they are slightly darker than pasty white?
The skirt was a Salvation Army find.  I love my black pencil skirt, but sometimes a girl just wants a black skirt with a different silhouette.   I love the ribbon and sweet bow on the bottom of this skirt.  What a steal at $1.99!  The polka dot blouse is from H & M (Fall 2008).  The cardigan is Talbots and was bought in 2009 with birthday giftcards.


Cynthia said...

I'm just being true to my ghost-white nature over here.

You might like to know that they opened a Buffalo Exchange on Central Ave. this weekend. I haven't been in yet but I'm going to go try to sell them some stuff soon. I'll let you know if it's worthy.

Lorena said...

We are "dot related"
i have gotten use to being pasty. I tried the Sally Hansen spray tanning and I turned orange :(
However yours looks good.