Thursday, April 14, 2011

accent overload?

This dress is one of those dresses where I am not sure if it needs a cami or not.  When ever I wear a cami I feel like it hardly shows, and when i don't I am paranoid about my bra showing.  Today I added a hot pink cami and that lead to a hot pink belt and hot pink cardigan.  Is it accent color overload?


Cynthia said...

Hmm, looks about right to me, not overloaded at all. I hate those dresses/tops that threaten to show bra, it makes me feel like I'm always peeping down my own cleavage just to make sure it's safe.

Lorena said...

I feel the same whenever I wear this dress (i have one too!) I try to keep it very, very simple.
What i did to avoid the cleavage or the dress opening up to reveal anything was stitch it .