Monday, August 9, 2010

summers almost over

Summer is almost over, my days are numbered till I am back in the classroom.  Also numbered are my days of dressing in whatever I like.  Not that there is a dress code for professors, but certain things I am just not comfortable wearing in front of the classroom.  Here are shots of a few outfits I thought to snap pictures of recently.

T-shirt is from Goodwill and the madras skirt if from Ebay.  That skirt always looks shorter in pictures than it does in the weird is that?
I wore this to work on Friday as I had a date after work.  The dress is from Goodwill, worn with an old cami and a Ann Taylor sweater I got at Goodwill.

This is an end of the day photo, and it looks it, and my body language is saying TIRED.  I found this cute skirt at Goodwill.  It is too little girl for work once the students are back on campus, but is good for these last blazing hot summer days.
 You can see part of my office in this picture.  This is one of those shirts that I felt much cuter in till I saw the pictures. 


Emily Kennedy said...

I love the dress you wore on the date, and actually the blue top in the bottom picture is really super cute on you. I think you look great.

Lorena said...

My favorite is the blue assemble, the last one.
I think it looks really cute.

Totally Inspired said...

I would looove to find a madras skirt like that in my size.. im on the hunt!
Mrs Hall In Training