Sunday, August 22, 2010

last days of freedom

Thursday felt like the last day of summer I broke out jeans (folded up to be capris) a summer floral camp shirt and my new yellow cashmere cardigan. 

Friday we had a faculty meeting and department orientation for the new grad students.  So I decided to dress up a bit. 
The jacket is new to me.  I found it recently at the Salvation Army for $3.49.  It is Coldwater Creek.  I have had that skirt for a while now, I got it at a consignment store when I lived in Canada.   Just a plain yellow Target tee underneath the jacket.  In the afternoon I went to the Starbuck's on campus for a cold drink, and a woman (clearly a parent moving in her child) said to me "You must work at the University.  You are the only person I have seen today that isn't a sweaty mess in shorts from moving boxes.  You look so composed and put together."  Got to love freshmen parents. 


Emily Kennedy said...

Love freshman parents! I get a kick out of being one of the few professionally dressed people on campus. Sometimes it feels a little odd, but mostly it's just fun!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love that cashmere cardi!

We had our first department meeting of the year on Thursday, and I avoided campus on Friday like the plague, as I figured parking would be a nightmare with all the move-ins.

Totally Inspired said...

That cashmere cardi is a serious SCORE!!! Its perfect and Im sure that you will get plenty of wear out of it for the coming semester. I like your casual look. Its comfy and effortless. Nice!
Mrs Hall In Training

Miss. Studios said...

hahaha I had to laugh.

Lorena said...

That is such a fun skirt ! Very pretty.