Tuesday, December 8, 2009

last day of class!

Last day of lecture for the semester! Hooray! Since teaching evaluations are done today, I decided to ditch my standard dress. Read once that people have a more favorable opinion of people in color. First time wearing this dress that I picked up on a Kohl's clearance rack for under $12. By itself it is sort of shapeless, but a thick belt fixed that up! And it has pockets, which is great for teaching as I have somewhere to put my office keys. the grey tights are so old, I can't even begin to tell you where they are from. I love that this dress gives me another excuse to wear the purple heels I picked up this fall. The black cardi is because my classroom is always FREEZING cold. I do love that in December in NC I can wear heels and not boots to work. Don't get me wrong, love my boots, but it is nice to get more wear out of my heels. After I took the pictures, I decided something was missing, so I added a pink and purple beaded bracelet, that feels very belly dancer like.

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