Monday, December 21, 2009

a few days worth

I have finally braved the world of skinny jeans. These are actually more the legging type of skinny jeans. They have been making me happy on the weekends and casual days. The top image is a talbot's 100% cashmere sweater I scored at the Talbot's outlet for $30 (originally $198). My cowboy boots are from a consignment shop about a year ago (I think about $30).

I am loving these new to me grey and black striped pants that came into my life via Goodwill for only $3.79. Wearing them with a simple black top and magenta cardigan. Not that exciting but made me happy with the new to me pants.


Kelly said...

you are totally rocking the skinny jeans!!!
I love pinstripe pants, too, the only thing better than pinstripe pants are pinstripe pants for under five dollars!



Sherylyn said...

I was hoping you'd have pics of the skinny jeans you talked about!! You look AWESOME, lady! Tehy look really fabulous on you, and I love the outfit with the cowboy boots. Look at those slender pegs!

And that is a great deal you got on those pants, which I also love.

Lorena said...

The skinnies if I may call them look great on you :)
I know how it is when you look at something and you like it but you are not sure that you will look good with them on... i have that with bright tights and also with doing socks and shoes. But, you gotta trY!