Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodwill find!

I'be just got to say the Goodwills in the Charlotte area are FABULOUS! You have to be in the right mood to treasure hunt, but I am finding lots of name brand items in virtually new condition....I've even found some things with the tags still on! I am not a brand whore....I will wear something from Target if I like it, but in general clothes from Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and Talbots just appeal to me. This weekend I explored a Goodwill close to Lake Norman, which is a huge lake that the rich have huge homes on. I scored a couple Ann Taylor tops and sweaters. But the ultimate score was a olive green wrap Ralph Lauren sweater. The tag says it is 100% linen, which is interesting, I don't think I have ever owned a linen sweater before. I wore the new sweater today with just jeans and white t-shirt underneath. I didn't post a picture from Friday, as my outfit wasn't very exciting (just jeans, fitted purple tee, and my cream cashmere cardigan). But I make up for Friday with my new Ralph Lauren sweater for $3.79!

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