Thursday, March 8, 2012

why I wear heels

I love my heels.  Snapping a casual photo of what I wore to a weekday dinner and movie with a friend reminded me why I love heels......
  1. Heels make me taller.
  2. Heels help me reach things (like cabinets and the chalkboard)
  3. Heels make my legs look awesome
  4. And as the picture illustrates, heels help me from slouching and improve my posture.
 As you can see my casual outfits are pretty boring.  They are almost always jeans, t-shirt and cardigan.  Sometimes I switch a turtleneck sweater for the cardigan.  This outfit is all second hand (except shoes which were kids size on clearance for $5).  The sweater is Ann Taylor via Goodwill, shirt is Banana Republic via Goodwill, and the Jeans are White House Black Market via Ebay.

1 comment:

Carol said...

I also love heels. For pretty much all of your reasons. :)